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The ultimate duo for your furry best friend: our delicious and nutritious dog treats, paired with a comfortable and supportive dog bed.

Treat your furry friend to the ultimate experience with our dog treats and beds.

Our dog treats are made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring that your pup receives the best nutrition with every bite. Whether your furry friend loves chicken, plant based, or peanut butter, we’ve got you covered with a variety of flavours.

Our dog beds provide the ultimate sanctuary for your pup to rest their weary bones after a long day of play. With supportive and comfortable materials, our dog beds will provide your pup with the rest they need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day of play.

Our treats are made with the finest, all natural ingredients

Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your pup healthy and happy. Plus, they taste so good, your dog will be begging for more! There’s no need to worry about harmful additives or preservatives with these treats, so you can feel great about giving them to your pet. So why not try something new and treat your pup to something delicious and wholesome today?

Pick and Mix gift box

Simply choose your favorites from our selection of plant based, Peanut butter & chicken or just chicken, and we’ll take care of the rest. Each item is carefully packaged in a stylish gift box. Order today and give the gift of deliciousness…

Your pup will thank you with lots of tail wags and slobbery kisses!

Sleep in style

Finding the Perfect Dog Bed for Your Furry Friend.

All of our beds and cushions are made using Next, DFS and other major sofa retailers, end of line upholstery fabrics, meaning our stock is constantly changing and updating – but don’t worry, we have plenty of amazing options to choose from! We’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect bed.

Contact us and we will fill you in on our current ranges.

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